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The Visakhapatnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry formed a Women’s Wing. It was started in 2017. A stellar list of resourceful women, all accomplished in their own fields were brought together to nurture and give form to a Wing that would be responsible for supporting women entrepreneurs and actively participating in city development under the aegis of VCCI.

 The objective to promote & encourage the Women Entrepreneurship with the following Aims & Objectives.


  • To act within the framework and objectives of VCCI.           
  •  To enhance the skill set required to be successful women entrepreneurs and empower women through increased exposure to the global scenario.
  •  Promote and strengthen links between voluntary organizations for effective utilization of resources.
  • To provide easy access and knowledge of existing government policies.
  • To increase the role of women in civic activities as well as to ensure that women’s interests are taken into account during policy making.
  • To promote Vizag as a tourist as well as commercial hub by supporting local organizations, events and activities. 



  • Through co-operation and co-ordination, strengthen links between women’s groups,
  • Through effective public relations, to raise the profile of VCCI Women’s Wing and to extend and develop relationships with the external agencies and within the local community.
  • Through programs of planned events, to motivate members to seek to achieve change in society.
  • By means of a Development Plan, to produce the necessary strategies to take VCCIWomen’s Wing forward.
  •  Through fund-raising and the effective management of finances, to enable action to be taken to further the aims of VCCI Women’s Wing
  • Through regular assessment, review and revision of the constitution, to provide realistic and workable structures which enable the Mission Statement of VCCI Women’s Wingto be achieved.


  • Spouses of VCCI members, VCCI Lady Members, Lady Entrepreneurs, Women Executives, Self-employed Women and any lady by invitation from VCCI-WISE.
  • Women’s NGOs and women associations (NGO`s to become VCCI – WISE member with two authorized representatives)

Become a Member click here  for a printable Application Form