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  1. To act within the framework and objectives of VCCI.       
  2. To enhance the skill sets required to be successful women entrepreneurs and empower women through increased exposure to the global scenario.
  3. Promote and strengthen links between government/ institutions and members of the Women’s Wing for effective utilization of resources.
  4. To provide easy access and knowledge of existing government policies.
  5. To increase the role of women in civic activities as well as to ensure that women’s interests are taken into account during policy making.
  6. To promote Vizag as a commercial hub by supporting local organizations, events and activities. 


  1. Through co-operation and co-ordination, strengthen links between women entrepreneurs and professionals.
  2. Through effective public relations, to raise the profile of Women’s Wing and to extend and develop relationships with the external agencies and within the local community.
  3. Through programmes of planned events, to motivate members to seek to achieve professional advancement.
  4. By means of a Development Plan, to produce the necessary strategies to take V.C.C.I – Women’s Wing forward.
  5. Through fund-raising and the effective management of finances, to enable action to be taken to further the aims of V.C.C.I – Women’s Wing.
  6. Through regular assessment, review and revision of the constitution, to provide realistic and workable structures which enable the mission of V.C.C.I – Women’s Wing to be achieved.


The Executive Committee consists of eight elected members including office bearers. The Executive Committee meets every month.

The following are the Executive Committee for the year of 2020-2021

We welcome new members to our VCCI Womens Wing.
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