The Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1931 by forward looking businessmen of Visakhapatnam (‘Vizagapatam’ or its shortened form ‘Vizag’ as it was then known) drawn from important circles of business. At that time the registered office was at Viziya building, Cathedral Street, in the old town area.

There were nine committee members and the first set of office bearers were:

The Past presidents in Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce

Year President 
1940 – 1951 Mr. Rao Saheb C. Sanjiva Rao Naidu
1952 – 1968 Mr. A.V Bhanoji Row
1969 – 1980 Mr. K.S.Dutt
1980 – 1992 Mr. I.S. Raju
1992 – 2010 Mr.V.B.V Reddy
2011 – 2012 Mr. K. Vijay Kumar
2013 – 2016 Mr. Kancharla Ramabrahmam
2016 – 2018 Mr. A.V.Monish Row
2018 – 2019 Mr. DV Raju
2019 – 2020 Mr. K Mallikharjuna Rao


Since then India and Visakhapatnam in particular have gone through several changes politically and economically. World War II, Independence and the formation of the State of Andhra State gave a new dimension to the Chamber of Commerce.



Mr. K Rambrahmam
President 2013-2016
Mr. A.V Monish Row
President 2016-2018
Mr.DV Raju
President 2018- 2019 (July)
Mr. K Mallikharjuna Rao
President 2019- 2020