Board of Directors

Managing Committee

The Managing Committee consists of fourteen elected members including office beareers. The President presides at all the meetings of the Managing Committee and oversees the working of the Secretary and Committee Members of the Chamber. In the absence of the President, the Vice-President performs the duties of the President. The Managing Committee meets every month.

meet the Committee


  • A.V. Monish Row
    A.V. Monish Row President
  • Sri D.V. Raju
    Sri D.V. Raju Vice-President
  • G. Veera Mohan
    G. Veera Mohan Hony. Secretary
  • K.R.B. Prakash
    K.R.B. Prakash Hony. Treasurer
  • K. Mallikarjuna Rao
    K. Mallikarjuna Rao Director
  • K.S. Anand Dutt
    K.S. Anand Dutt Director
  • R. Satish
    R. Satish Director
  • S.N. Swamy
    S.N. Swamy Director
  • Aanand Khara
    Aanand Khara Director
  • Deepak Manu Menda
    Deepak Manu Menda Director
  • Dr. Satish Kumar Arya
    Dr. Satish Kumar Arya Director
  • K.V. Ratnam
    K.V. Ratnam Director
  • Ravi Godey
    Ravi Godey Director
  • Balaji
    Balaji Director
  • Babji
    Babji Director
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