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The Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce was incorporated in 1931 by forward looking businessmen of Visakhapatnam (‘Vizagapatam’ or its shortened form ‘Vizag’ as it was then known) drawn from important circles of business. At that time the registered office was at Viziya building, Cathedral Street, in the old town area. There were nine committee members and the first set of office bearers were: Rao Saheb C. Sanjiva Rao Naidu -President, Sri Kancharla Ramabrahmam – Vice- President, Sri V.J.Gupta – Secretary,

Since then India and Visakhapatnam in particular have gone through several changes politically and economically. World War II, Independence and the formation of the State of Andhra State gave a new dimension to the Chamber of Commerce. Until the time of economic liberalisation started by Prime Minister Sri P.V.Narasimha Rao, the Chamber of Commerce was fixated more on trade.

However, after this it got involved with industrialization. With the setting up of the Steel Plant and other industries, the number of members grew making it imperative to cater to differing needs and expectations.

The Chamber plays an important role in different Government Bodies such as Zonal Railway Users Consultative Committee, Divisional Railway Users Consultative Committee, Visakhapatnam Port Trust, King.George Govenment Hospital, District Industries Promotion Committee. Members are also involved with bodies such as Customs House Agents Association, Visakhapatnam District Drug Trade Association, Federation of All Indian Petroleum Traders and A.P Federation of Petroleum Traders.

Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce & Industries is affiliated to:

  • The Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, New Delhi
  • The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry
  • The Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce & Trade, Secunderabad.
  • The Confederation of Indian of Indian Industry, Hyderabad
  • Andhra Chambers of Commerce, Chennai.

Future Plans

Vizag is becoming a gateway for the pharmaceutical, textiles and information technology sectors. Against this backdrop and with a new dynamic leader of Sri Kancharla.Vijaya Kumar and his Committee consisting of a dynamic group from industry and trade, the vision and plans for Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce are very clear: The priority is to step up its activities in inviting national and international companies to invest in Visakhapatnam.

Make it a vibrant Chamber at domestic and global levels. The President K. Vijaya Kumar also plans to organize industry interfaces and workshops with speakers and contributors of world class quality. From now onwards the calendar the Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce will be fully engaged with interactive programmes.

Important landmarks in the history of VCCI

By-laws adopted and alterations made of the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Chamber
Sri Hare Krushna Mahatab, the Hon'ble Minister for Industries & Supplies, Govt. of India was the chief guest at the Chamber's General Body Meeting held at the Town Hall (a favourite of VIPs) in the then downtown area on 10th Dec,1950.
Mr. K.S. Dutt chaired several meetings and played an important role in the Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce. Representation made to Central Government 9.9.1953 to create a travel facility between Burma & Andhra Pradesh through Visakhapatnam.
Mr. A.V. Bhanoji Rao was elected as President. Later, Sri C.V.Ramana Murthy was elected as Secretary of the Chamber on 04.7.1955
Conference of the Congress Committee was held at Town Hall on 20.4.1956
Sri V.B.V.Reddy took over as President after Sri I.S.Raju. The first meeting of the Managing Committee was held On 28.3.1992 at M/S Dhana Reddy & Co, Port Area. The Committee nominated K. Vijay Kumar as Hony, Secretary. On 29th June, 1992 in a meeting held at Waltair Club, Mr. K. Ramabrahmam suggested to make representation to VUDA regarding allotment of site to Chamber office building at Visakhapatnam. Committee decided on 22nd Oct, 2001 to purchase the office spaces from M/s Dutt Sons Builders & Estates.
First meeting held at its own office premises at 2nd floor in "Dutt Island", Siripuram Junction on 10.08.2002. Chamber of Commerce premises inaugurated by Prof. Y. Simhadri, Vice- Chancellor of Andhra University at Dutt Island, Siripuram Junction on 18th Aug, 2002.
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